What is the ETF Global Portfolio Challenge?
The ETF Global® Portfolio Challenge is a semester-long virtual investment competition in which participants construct a hypothetical portfolio of between 4-10 ETFs and compete on their portfolio’s performance. Open to both undergraduate and graduate students worldwide, the challenge has already drawn widespread interest from college participants and corporate sponsors. Now spanning 6 continents, the ETF Global® Portfolio Challenge has attracted thousands of students from nearly 300 universities.

ETF Global launched the ETF Portfolio Challenge in the Fall 2015 to teach college students about the ETF industry. Our contest offers students a unique, immersive opportunity to learn about investing in ETFs and complements their academic studies by offering a window into simulated real-life trading and investing. For a more detailed description of the challenge, its timeline, rules, sponsors, and prizes, please visit our Home Page.

Why ETFs?
Exchange-Traded Funds, or ETFs, are the fastest-growing investment vehicle in the marketplace. Currently, global ETF assets exceed $4 trillion and are poised for continued expansion. One of the primary drivers of this rapid growth is millennials’ penchant for ETFs. According to Schwab’s 2016 ETF Investor Study, ETFs made up 36% of millennial investors’ portfolios on average. Given the continued growth of ETFs and the widespread interest amongst emerging investors, it is critical for proper education to be in place as college students prepare to transition from the classroom to the professional world, so that prospective investors acquire an understanding of these products and can invest in them responsibly.

The ETF Global Portfolio Challenge Student Ambassador Program affords students the opportunity to serve in a leadership capacity at their school for the ETFG Portfolio Challenge.

As a representative for your school, you will be responsible for raising awareness and driving participation for the portfolio challenge. ETF Global will equip you with all the necessary knowledge of the portfolio challenge and promotional materials and information to disseminate at your school. You will be expected to acquaint your school with the challenge and spur participation through student organizations & clubs, faculty members, fellow students, career centers, and other channels of influence at your school. We will assign you with a unique referral code to track all sign-up growth. You will serve as a liaison for your school and provide ETF Global valuable insights to help improve the challenge and broaden involvement at your school.

  • Motivated, creative, conscientious, well-connected, and actively engaged student on campus
  • Reliable, accountable, and able to execute your responsibilities at times without direct supervision
  • Leverage your personal network and social media accounts to raise visibility and generate excitement and participation on campus
  • Engage with student clubs, campus organizations and events, and school faculty members to introduce the portfolio challenge and establish an enduring grassroots presence on campus
  • Share the ambassador program with friends and classmates and help cultivate future student ambassadors
  • Maintain a dialogue with ETF Global and keep them updated with your progress
  • Gather and provide student feedback to improve future portfolio challenges
  • Your role as student ambassador will benefit you in two critical ways –1) Fostering leadership and marketing skills and2) Gaining a lasting and influential professional reference1) Acquire hands-on experience by assuming a leadership role for an initiative that involves a global and diverse array of students and academic institutions. Through your leadership responsibilities and active engagement with your university community, you will develop vital collaborative, communicative, and project-management skills that will be transferrable to whatever career you choose to pursue upon graduation.2) In addition to gaining professional working experience to boost your resume, we will serve as a professional reference for all ambassadors as they seek job and internship opportunities. Ambassadors that approach their role with energy and diligence will earn a reference from ETF Global attesting to their leadership skills. Having a strong professional reference can help you stand out amongst other candidates and often serves as a key deciding factor for prospective employers. *See an example of our letter of recommendation at the end of this letter

Letter of Recommendation Example:

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Requirements & Eligibility:

  • This is a part-time unpaid position
  • Must be an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at an accredited college or university
  • Required attendance of an ETF Global training webinar (30 mins-1 hour) before assuming your ambassador role
  • Generate a target of 50, minimum of 25 student sign-ups to be eligible for letter of recommendation
  • Must be responsive to all inquiries from ETF Global about your efforts on campus and demonstrate that you are fulfilling your responsibilities of raising awareness and driving participation for portfolio challenge at your school
  • Demonstration of ethics and professionalism at all times
  • We welcome and encourage students to come up with and execute their own marketing ideas to further build awareness, visibility, and participation


  • Fall Semester: late August – early December (on campus)
  • Spring semester: early January – early May (on campus)
  • The first three weeks of your position will consist of promoting the challenge, boosting awareness, cultivating relationships with your school’s organizations and faculty members, and generating sign-ups on campus
  • The remaining weeks of your position will consist of administrative duties – helping educate, manage, distribute
    information, and provide assistance to student participants at your school
  • *Prior to the aforementioned start dates, you will work remotely to disseminate information about the challenge and generate awareness and sign-ups

Time commitment:

  • 2-4 hours per week
  • We understand the academic rigors of college and are very flexible with our hours to allow students to work within their schedules


Interested in becoming an ambassador for your school? Sign-up now or 212-223-3834 with any questions.

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